Why you should account for your hours

A job is comfortable. When not in sales, you are not directly responsible for the bottom line, so sometimes, we forget to maximize our output. Distractions come along, whatsapp, music, a new item in your favorite feed.

I have found out that putting value for my time helps me maximize the value of that time.

This article does not mean you keep working like a robot not taking any breaks. I made a comment to one of my colleagues. What if you could cover your 8hr work load in 3 hours, but get paid for 8 and then given the chance to do anything with the rest of your day.

Another way to look at it would be: If I could complete 8hrs worth of work in 3hrs. Does that mean I am ready to take on more responsibility? Is there a promotion lurking in the corner or a case for a paycheck increase?

Think about it